One of the amazing empires covered in my new book NUBIA: The Rise and Fall of African Empires is the Empire of Benin. Today, Nigeria is often maligned but the country was once the home of one of the most artistically sophisticated cultures in the world. The Benin Empire was once heralded for the incredible art produced in the royal court of its Emperor. However, their greatest accomplishment is nearly without parallel in human history. The Nigerians of Benin, constructed one of the largest structures ever made by man-kind. The Great Wall of Benin was designed as a fortification from potential invaders. It surrounded their city which was universally praised as one of the most beautiful cities in the world. The Benin wall is only surpassed by the Great Wall of China and is the largest earthwork ever constructed.  The history of achievement in this incredible culture is chronicled in my new book NUBIA: The Rise and Fall of African Empires. Learn more about rise and fall of Benin by purchasing my book on in Paperback and Kindle E-Book format.

This fun video on Nigeria mentions the former empire and briefly discusses The Great Wall of Africa.


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