NUBIA: The Rise & Fall of African Empires: #1 New Release on Amazon

NUBIA: The Rise and Fall of African Empires is my first book and it is currently #1 in its New Release category. Nubia: The Rise and Fall of African Empires introduces readers to the wealthy Empires and powerful trading Kingdoms that once dominated the African continent. As an international nexus for trade, Africa once attracted merchants and explorers from Europe, Asia, and the Middle East. The personal journals and published works of these intrepid adventurers, captured their first hand impressions of Africa’s Emperors, Queens and wealthy trading elite. Modern research allows us to combine the personal perspectives of these explorers with the written histories of Africa’s numerous literate kingdoms to develop an accurate picture of the role that African Empires played in world history. Prior to the slave trade, Africa was filled with the sumptuous cities of empires that were intimately engaged with world affairs. They clashed with familiar legends in the ancient world like Rome and Persia and proved themselves to be formidable against the world’s most powerful armies. In Nubia, we trace the rise and fall of grand African Kingdoms to explain the condition of Africa in the modern world. The narratives collected in Nubia: The Rise and Fall of African Empires, will bring African history to life, by shining a light on the epic battles and enigmatic personalities that shaped the history of a land erroneously dubbed “The Dark Continent”.


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